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A New Website For A New Year.

Working nonstop on many things: –Party Safari 2011 –Humanity The Movie website has finally been launched, and the teaser is coming soon. –Decentralized Community will also soon receive a new website and more attention. –Earth Tour will soon be released … Continue reading

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This past month has been Intense. Against the odds, we survived Party Safari 2010 and Halloween Bananarchy 2.0 The Earth Tour DVD was also recently released. It will soon be released free online too. I recommend it to you. But … Continue reading

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We Are Attempting Something Very Crazy+Ambitious

And could really use some help please 🙂 All the details are here:

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I Love This Scene.

It pretty much summarizes the spirit of Party Safari 2010. A similarly outlandish undertaking, with a similar financing scheme. And hopefully a similar outcome…

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The Evolution Of The Decentralized Dance Party

The culmination of untold effort. Feels good.

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After four months of nonstop 80-hour workweeks since returning from Africa, the Earth Tour DVD is complete and In Production. HTB allowed me the time to do it right, the freedom to make it over 12 hours long, and our … Continue reading

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An update

All I’ve done since arriving home is work on the HORSE the band DVD. After 2.5 years of deep thought, experimentation, and untold effort, she’s pretty much complete, and it feels very fine indeed. Hopefully others enjoy her to the … Continue reading

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The Road Ahead Is Unclear…

After a strange month in Africa, and major disappointments on the Tom&Gary front. But Summer beckons, and new perspectives are ready to greet new possibilities…

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Too busy to provide meaningful updates…

But here are my latest musings on Partying: What is Art? Uninhibited self expression. What is Partying? Uninhibited self expression. The two are indivisible. Partying is Art. And some audiovisual accompaniment:  

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Over Two Years In The Making…

But still hundreds of hours from completion. nonstop. nonstop. nonstop.

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