What Is Partying?

After many years of partaking, and several spent pondering, I’ve managed collect and transcribe some of my thoughts on this very important matter.

The following is an excerpt from the Decentralized Dance Party FAQ:

Is Partying Really Art?

Is The DDP Really High Art?

How So?
Not only a revolutionary affront to traditional perceptions and precepts, the DDP is also widely recognized as the ultimate interdisciplinary medium, creatively melding Music, Dance, Karaoke, Comedy, Chaos, Costumery, Adventure and Military Stratagem.

Participants become performers and inhibitions are overwhelmed as we all rise together in a chaotic+joyful monument to the Human Spirit.

Together, we awaken the raw and beautiful rhythm+adventure-craving instincts ingrained in our DNA that have been subverted since childhood in our sterile western cultures and our collective energy projects everyone to unparalleled heights of happiness for hours on end!

You will smile genuinely, you will make instant friends, you will lose yourself in the music and find yourself in situations so novel and thrilling that you will never forget them.

The DDP is a revolutionary new type of open-source public performance art and something that truly has to be experienced to be believed!

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