After four months of nonstop 80-hour workweeks since returning from Africa, the Earth Tour DVD is complete and In Production.

HTB allowed me the time to do it right, the freedom to make it over 12 hours long, and our minimal creative deliberations only served to make her a finer specimen.

It is my hope that this movie will be enjoyed and discussed for years to come, and forever enshrine HTB’s legacy as one of the most tenacious, courageous and outrageous creative forces to ever grace the Planet Earth.

They are my favorite band ever and hopefully you’ll soon agree.

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2 Responses to COMPLETION>

  1. Anonymous says:

    greatest band.

    coolest dudes.

  2. Anthony says:

    its so amazing, im a changed person because of it, and I love you all for doing/making this.

    Thank you's arent enough to show my gratitude!

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