It’s Been a Year.

And what a year it’s been.

The majority was spent plotting and delivering 23 DDPs to 20 new cities during three Party Safari Tours across North America.

We Partied in Times Square, at Burning Man, in front of the White House, in the heart of Detroit, and a countless number of other crazy locations. And we all somehow survived. Although there were some very close calls…

The last few months have been spent rebuilding my mind, body and finances.. and beginning to organize the 600+ hours of footage we’ve filmed over the past three years.

In doing so, it was realized that a sequel to the 10.5 hour-long Rock Odyssey known only as Earth Tour was in there and required creation. So here we go again…

How long this thing will be, and what percentage of my lifetime must be sacrificed in order to complete it are pretty unsettling questions. And ones currently without answer.

But one of the fundamental teachings of Earth Tour is that one must Never Be Daunted. And so I’ve resolved not to be.

And so!
It’s time to hunker down and create this beast so that the rest of the world may also share in this grand adventure and be accordingly inspired to help us to realize The Global Party Pandemic AKA The Grand Unification Tour.

And on that note, in a couple week’s time, the DDP is set to receive a feature article in WIRED magazine, that will, for the first time ever, present a significant slice of the world with a good behind-the-scenes look at the DDP.

And for the first time ever, a significant slice of the world will hopefully come to recognize the hilarity, power, and potential of The Party Revolution.

And this will hopefully translate into broad support for The Above Documentary and The Global Party Pandemic and of course Our Beloved ‘Stan Tour.

As well as this thing:

And perhaps this thing as well:

The road ahead is yet unclear, but sure to involve Decentralization, Booty Bass, and a continual procession of Weird and Wonderful things.

Unseasonably Warm Regards,
Gary Lachance

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