The Fourth Ever Decentralized Dance Party / Vancouver Santacon 2009

In its glorious, unabridged entirety!

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Just Scored Sixteen Awesome Stereos!

Oh yeah!

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We Flooded It And There’s Yoghurt Everywhere!

At long last, we’ve received clearance to release the teaser!
DVD now available to discerning viewers worldwide.

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This Is A Charity Drive For Figgy Puddings!

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The New West News Leader Reports:

Parade crashers stage Santa ‘dance party’ on Columbia Street

“Everybody was surprised,” said Melanie Vogel, executive director of Hyack Festival Association, which organized the parade.

The mob of Santa-clad revellers were making lots of noise, many carrying “boom box” stereos. The group was dancing and cheering as they joined the parade—an unofficial entry.

“It was not organized by Hyack at all,” said Vogel, adding that most people in the crowd thought it was all quite funny and entertaining.

The group had a portable trampoline, and a few had sleds that they carried along.

Most wore Santa robes and hats—some quite elaborate, while others looked cobbled together. A few others wore risqué Ms. Claus outfits.

The group danced its way with the parade down towards New Westminster SkyTrain Station, at the corner of Eighth and Columbia, where they lingered and continued their “dance party.”

The crowd seemed to enjoy the spectacle, Vogel said.

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The Awesomeness That Is “The Found Footage Festival” Premiered In Vancouver Last Evening

“A one-of-a-kind event that showcases footage from videos that were found at garage sales and thrift stores and in warehouses and dumpsters across the country.”

And a one Gary Lachance was lucky enough to snag the final ticket to the sold out show…
Which was truly amazing, and had the entire audience laughing and interacting for two fun-filled hours. Can’t recommend her enough.. definitely check out their site for upcoming tour dates, tons of hilarious clips and the opportunity to purchase a wide array of life-affirming merchandise!

Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher are the two “Crap Connoisseurs” behind this venture and it was quite exciting to have them drop by my place after the show in order to check out my own sprawling VHS collection…

For you see, I too am a Compulsive Crap VHS Collector, and have amassed about 800 of them over the past decade.

At first I was obsessed with them for no good reason, just enjoyed casually collecting and coercing random friends into watching “Getting The Love You Want“, “Emotional Eating” “Denise Austin’s Pregnancy Plus Workout” and other such treasures.

But deep down I knew that somewhere along the line these videos would reveal a Far Greater Potential… And one momentous day that Greater Truth struck me.

The mountain of schlock which had grown to dominate my apartment and so perturb my (ex) girlfriend did indeed serve a divine destiny. For, unbeknownst to me, the tapes were to serve as essential building blocks for a film I’d begun to develop several years earlier (and am only now about to begin sharing with the public)- Humanity!

But yes, Joe, Nick and I had a great time rummaging through and discussing my collection, including such gems as “The Larger Woman’s Workout“, “How To Raise A Street Smart Kid”, “The Art Of Successful Breastfeeding” and “How To Win At Parenting (without beating your kids)“.

Encountering fellow humans who appreciate such beauties is extremely rare and it was a lot of fun to nerd out with them. Definitely looking forward to trading some footage and whatever else the future may hold for our overlapping bad tastes…

Check ‘em out at

Or enjoy one of their finest (and a few photos of my collection (the shelved ones are two deep)) below:

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Another Application Of Decentralization…

In recent years, the concepts of Decentralization and Open-Source and their yet-unrealized potentials have really captured my imagination. I believe wholeheartedly that they alone hold the keys to a positive future for Humanity.

As such, last Fall I began developing another decentralized project, called the Decentralized Community.

And although I unfortunately had to put her on hold for awhile, I’m pleased to report that I’m now able to spare a little bit of time, and will be devoting my Sundays to focusing on the Decentralized Community and Humanity projects…

If you’d like to provide feedback or help out, please do.

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The Fourth Ever Decentralized Dance Party / Vancouver Santacon 2009 Was A Success!

Great memories and great madness as we teamed up with with 500 other Jolly Old Souls, lugging 30 synchronized boomboxes, a trampoline and several toboggans in a ridiculous adventure across the GVRD.

Highlights included Brentwood Mall Crawl, Santa’s Private Skytrain, the unauthorized crashing of the New Westminster Santa Claus Parade and Figgy Puddings!

(all photos c/o Jenn Summers and Laurent Piché)

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And though she was barely utilized initially, recent efforts to post more frequently have garnered some favorable results…

Now receiving around 1,500 hits per day and even received the coveted “most-viewed” medallion recently.

Been really getting into the Youtube “Insight” feature lately too.. it’s pretty neat and it can be pretty fun tracking your discoveries, hotspots, communities, etc. and applying this information to future traffic shaping…

A funny inadvertent example being this old video, which has received 10,000 “related” hits only by virtue of having a “prosthetic” tag… meaning a bunch of random people researching prosthetic limbs have been hoodwinked into watching our ridiculousness.. 🙂

And 33% of the viewers have inexplicably been from Austria…
Your guess is as good as mine!

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And Something A Little Historic…

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