It’s been a craaaaazy couple of years.

No time to keep things updated on here apparently, but I’ve started a video blog called Don’t Stop Believing / #DSB that I wholeheartedly recommend to all.

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The Decentralized Dance Party website is the place to receive more frequent updates…

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The Official DDP Field Manual Is Now In Production!

An 80-page rough draft was just completed and the DDP will soon be 100% Open-Source!

Field Manual

This exhaustive and authoritative strategy guide reveals all the Top Secret Information required to create and host a successful Decentralized Dance Party.

It will give rise to hundreds of Autonomous DDP Party Cells and ensure the success of
The Global Party Pandemic AKA The Grand Unification Tour!

One step closer to the Nobel Prize for Partying!

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Selected Highlights From “Another Night, Another Dream”.

This highlight reel showcases some recently-processed early footage we’re considering for our upcoming Decentralized Dance Party documentary “Another Night, Another Dream“.

Crafted from 1,000+ hours of footage shot over the past 15 years, this story will surely be one of the most hilarious / revealing / moving / exciting / ridiculous / danceable to ever confront the human race.

The (now somewhat dated) details can be beheld HERE.

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