Terribly sorry, but

Haven’t updated in awhile.. been focusing on Decentralized Dance Party .com and creating the teaser for the new HORSE the band DVD “We Flooded It And There’s Yoghurt Everywhere AKA 48 Hrs In Ukraine“.

And while the HORSE teaser and DVD are completed and ready to go and we’re very excited to share them, Vagrant, HORSE’s new record label is of the opinion that a DVD release anywhere near the October release of HORSE’s new album Desperate Living would somehow hinder CD sales or confuse/panic the marketplace.. which seems insanely illogical.

If anything, the film would be a great promotional tool.
It’s all very frustrating, but that is life, and the DVD + teaser won’t be getting released now for like another 4 months… oh well.

But plenty of other good things are in the works, like the First Ever Decentralized Dance Party video+teaser, which are looking great, and will surely inspire widespread exuberance.

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